Toman’s King Camp 2023 season

About to start setting up our King Camp for this summer. Going to do our best to give daily updates on the action from the river. Going to be testing out the Starlink internet this year. Stay tuned

Calling all fishermen.
Always changing Water:Fuel separators
Yikes! This will go back together I’m sure of it.
The amount of gear we have to send up every year is back breaking.
Lucky for us we have help! The Captain!
Anyone know what this bird is? Comment below.

Springer season 2024

It was a slow start to the season but once the water warmed up it stated to get better. Not the best season this year but we did manage to get some nice fish.

Just a little action.
Big fish Ron they call him.
Look at all that chrome!
More Chrome
Kids are always lucky!
Filling up the fish box!
Big fish of the year 20 lbs
That was a great day of catching. 6 landed killed these 4 and lost two others.
Blood bath!
Look how shiny!

Next up Alaska. Going to try and post more from Alaska as we are giving the Starlink internet service a try.

Big ass Ram down with a Bow!

This one is up there on coolest hunt ever. 23 yard bow kill on a Desert Big Horn Sheep.

Big curl
Heavy weight
Nothing better than hunting with your buddy!
Look at that weight!

The most amazing hunt! So many sheep all free range. Dangerous terrain, difficult shooting and incredibly difficult animals. All that and least not forget on top of a sheer cliff! Unbelievable hunt! Thank you Rancho hunting Punto de Cirios for this one! Pinchi Jorge!

Sonora Big Horn Sheep Hunt

2023 Desert Bighorn Sheep hunt

The jerk
Oh yeah smells good!

We are a little behind posting photos and the story behind this years hunt. Follow along for more information and when we harvest a Ram.