Spring Chinook Fishing

Fishing is slow but getting a few fish here and there. Mostly catching on triangle flashers and herring. Starting to see 360’s and prawn spinners working too.

Brit Ney with a nice Chinook in the channel
Still catch Salmon on back trolled plugs.
Nice chunky Chinook from the Lewis River caught on that old school flatfish.
Never a serious moment with these guys.

Trail camera pictures

Just a few of the trail camera from the 2024 season

Young 3×3 going to be someone one day if they keep on that feed.
Another buck getting there if he stays on the feed
Fence jumper
Not buddies
Up and comer
Drought rack, need a lot of rain!
Goofy buck
Group meeting

Deschutes River Fishing

Summer Steelhead is my favorite time of the year. It’s been a good season so far. Not a lot of fish but consistent fishing, plus some Salmon to help out the freezer. Open seats available for August 2024!

Jason Poe with a 25# Chinook on Steelhead gear.
Patti and Wyatt getting in on the action.
Senior and long time fishing buddy Don Webb (RIP) you guys.