The Drive to Mexico

This 1700 mile trek to Sonora, Mexico is usually a 27 hour affair. Follow along on our trip that will take us 3 days to complete.

Highway 26 going up and over Mt. Hood. Beautiful scenery and lots of snow.

Burns, Oregon a quick stop for gas and food and we are off again.

Old Silver in the parking lot in Burns.

Headed to Nevada from here. Hopefully, the roads stay clear like they were for the last 100 miles.

Wild life on the side of the highway outside of burns

Couple of lucky bucks rutting does, and quail outside of Burns, OR. 448 mi to go for todays journey.

Mizpah Hotel Tonopah Nevada.

Stopping at a haunted Hotel in Tonopah Nevada. Mizpah Hotel. Great food and rooms. Pics tmrw of the hotel.

Las Vegas

Just passing through. Not stopping here, as I’m not a good gambler.

Always makes me a little on edge.

Crossed into Mexico and still headed south. Always the adventure. Taco’s coming up!

Excellent taco’s!

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