Mexico 2018-2019 Part 1 of 2

Overall, it was a good season for us. We took several really nice bucks and a few giants. The drought we had last year definitely hurt some of the antler growth on some of the deer, but we have a crop of bucks that will be monsters next season. With 20 inches of rain hitting our hunting ranches last year, it will only take a normal amount of rain this year to make for an amazing season next year. One spot left for next season, so now is the time to get down there and hunt in Sonora Mexico!

Check out part 2 coming in a few days. Video and more photo’s from this season!

30 inch 191 Stud
First buck of the season 31 inch 175
Andi and her management buck.
188 6/8 Stud 4×4
Old Guy with a cool looking rack 25 wide 174.
182 Oldie
Tine Length will get you there.
196 giant
Poseidon’s Son, Neptune
Morning Light Kestrel
American Kestrel
And you thought your day was bad.
Older buck that suffered from the drought.
The Fridge. Still alive and second year in a row we have seen him.
A buck for next season
Ladderback Woodpecker
Turkey Vulture
Gamble’s Quail
Young Coues Deer
In the prime of his life, next year buck.
Roosting on a Cactus
Looking up

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