So many fish!!!

King fishing slowed down a bit but still catching some quality fish this year. Tons of Sockeye still.

Some big chrome
Note chrome
Sockeye killer!
Full freezers
Awesome Brisket dinner tonight!


Catching a few kings today and a few more Sockeye.

And so it begins
Can’t deny that’s a red.
Sockeye gigger!
Jack Salmon
The jack!
Senior’s old sled still on the battlefield.
Group photo of our Nequa event.
Going to buy me a Mercury and cruise it up and down the bay.
Low flying aircraft.

Guests are here!

Finally getting some people here in camp. We are all ready to go.

The kid made it! So excited to show him all the great things Alaska has to offer.
A few fish hitting the beach.
Boat is loaded and ready to go.
Learning how to fillet.
First guest for the Nequa derby.
The eagle has landed
Beautiful trip across the bay.

Another cold windy day!

Doing our best to get camp ready. The camp guys have been busting it. Almost completed setting up guest tents. Fishing should be good tomorrow. More pics to come.

Who’s living in there I wonder.
Another hole something has been living in.
Cap making sure everyone is doing okay.
Stihl sitting there, no Mosquitoes this year, heavenly!
New carburetor for the baby Yamaha. Put a new tank and new carb on the big Yomommaha, also.
One shower stall ready.
Working on stall number two. Drying out my pillow that got wet last night.
Trying out the Outback tent from Cabela’s.
Camp almost up.

A windy day today.

At least the sun is out and things are looking better. Going to start more effort to catching a King from camp today.

My Dad’s green door we painted as a prank. I doubt he enjoyed our horseshit with him but he always seemed to laugh at it.
Painted the front pink. Hahahaha
Ears just a flapping in the wind.
The wind is starting to blow!
Senior’s old purple boat that was supposed to be blue.
Year 33, sitting on this beach. Not the boat, just me.
Living large.
Doesn’t like the bumps in the boat.
The kitchen looking closer to being ready.
The greater yellowlegs