Spring Chinook Fishing

Fishing is slow but getting a few fish here and there. Mostly catching on triangle flashers and herring. Starting to see 360’s and prawn spinners working too.

Brit Ney with a nice Chinook in the channel
Still catch Salmon on back trolled plugs.
Nice chunky Chinook from the Lewis River caught on that old school flatfish.
Never a serious moment with these guys.


Catching a few kings today and a few more Sockeye.

And so it begins
Can’t deny that’s a red.
Sockeye gigger!
Jack Salmon
The jack!
Senior’s old sled still on the battlefield.
Group photo of our Nequa event.
Going to buy me a Mercury and cruise it up and down the bay.
Low flying aircraft.

Springer season 2024

It was a slow start to the season but once the water warmed up it stated to get better. Not the best season this year but we did manage to get some nice fish.

Just a little action.
Big fish Ron they call him.
Look at all that chrome!
More Chrome
Kids are always lucky!
Filling up the fish box!
Big fish of the year 20 lbs
That was a great day of catching. 6 landed killed these 4 and lost two others.
Blood bath!
Look how shiny!

Next up Alaska. Going to try and post more from Alaska as we are giving the Starlink internet service a try.