Toman’s King Camp 2023 updates

Now that the Starlink system is working great I’m going to try and do my best to post daily updates on the website. It’s meant to be fun and show some of the fun we have at camp. Enjoy!

Setting up Starlink
We were able to put up the Kitchen, Dining tent and Office tent all in one day. Great group of helpers this year
Dry tent up and holding our food and stuff at the moment.
BBQ cover up
Soon the guest tents will be up.
So much snow still left from a long winter.
Freezers ready for a lot of Kings and Sockeye Salmon
There are 0 mosquitoes in this photo!!!
The new hot water heater!
A bunch of Stryker rods! My new favorite rods!

Toman’s King Camp 2023 season

About to start setting up our King Camp for this summer. Going to do our best to give daily updates on the action from the river. Going to be testing out the Starlink internet this year. Stay tuned

Calling all fishermen.
Always changing Water:Fuel separators
Yikes! This will go back together I’m sure of it.
The amount of gear we have to send up every year is back breaking.
Lucky for us we have help! The Captain!
Anyone know what this bird is? Comment below.

Toman’s King Camp

We are getting ready for our annual Toman’s King Camp on the Nushagak River.  Dillingham, Alaska is the nearest town in the area and is known for it’s variety of different types of fish and fishing.  From our King Camp alone you can catch King Salmon, Chum Salmon, Sockeye Salmon, Rainbow Trout, Grayling, Arctic Char, Dolly Varden and Northern Pike.  That’s a lot of variety to chose from.  Our main focus is on King Salmon, hence the name Toman’s King Camp.  The season is going to start the 17th of June and we will be fishing until the 10th of July.  Hope to see some of you at camp and or on the river!

King Salmon fishing in Alaska
Beautiful King Salmon